Forest West Community Improvement Association Guidelines for Roofing Materials

State of Texas
County of Harris
This is a re-typed version of a photocopy, done for ease of reading ONLY. It is NOT to be considered a definitive legal document, but only an aid to reading. The Original is filed in the Harris County deed records.

Know all persons by these presents:

Whereas, Forest West Community Improvement Association (the “Association”) is charged with administering and enforcing those certain covenants, conditions and restrictions contained in the recorded Deed Restrictions for the Forest West Subdivision (hereafter collectively referred to as the “Deed Restrictions”); and

Whereas, Chapter 202 of the Texas Property Code was amended effective June 17, 2011, to add Section 202.011 (“Section 202.011”) thereto dealing with the regulation of roofing materials; and

Whereas the Board of Directors of the Association (“Board”) has determined that in connection with maintaining the aesthetics and architectural harmony of the community, and to provide clear and definitive guidance to regarding roofing materials therein, it is appropriate for the Association to adopt guidelines regarding roofing materials within the community.

Now, Therefore, the Board has duly adopted the following Guidelines for Roofing Materials within the community.

  1. All building shall be roofed with composition shingles unless otherwise approved in writing by the Architectural Control Committee. Wood shingles are specifically prohibited for safety reasons.
  2. Composition shingles must weigh at least 230 pounds per square and have a stated warranty of at least 30 years. Shingles must have a laminated design. Three-tab shingles are specifically prohibited except for use as a starter and cap rows.
  3. Roof shingles must be dark brown or dark grey tones. Light brown, light grey, blue, green, red and white colors are not allowed.
  4. Roof overlays are not allowed. Prior to roofing, all existing materials must be removed down to clean decking. Any damaged or deteriorated decking must be replaced.
  5. Ridge vents are encouraged, to improve ventilation, reduce attic temperature and reduce cooling costs, but are not required.
  6. All roof protrusions, such as vents, roof jacks, must be painted to match the shingles.
  7. Subject to Section 8 below and with advance written approval from the Architectural Control Committee, an owner may install shingles (“Alternative Shingles”) which are designed primarily to:
    1. be wind and hail resistant; or
    2. provide heating or cooling efficiencies greater than traditional composition shingles; or
    3. provide solar energy capture capabilities.
  8. Once installed, any such Alternative Shingles must:
    1. resemble the shingles used or authorized to be used on other structures within the Association; and
    2. be more durable than and of equal or superior quality to the shingles used or authorized to be used on other structures within the Association; and
    3. match the aesthetics of properties surrounding the owner’s property.

The guidelines are effective upon recordation in the Public Records of Harris County, and supersedes any guidelines for roofing materials which may have been previously been in effect. Except as affected by Section 202.011 and/or by these guidelines, all other provisions contained in the Deed Restrictions or any other dedicatory instruments of the Association shall remain in full force and effect.

Approved and adopted by the Board on this 30th day of December 2011