Reminder About Heavy Trash

Some of you have your Heavy Trash curbside. You could be ticketed, if the City came through the neighborhood looking for violations.

Our last pickup was for Tree Waste only.

Your next scheduled pickup for Heavy Trash is April. 28, 2016.

This means your neighbors will have to look at your items curbside for quite a long time. Please. if you are able, bring it back up to your home and keep it out of sight until next month’s pick up.

In case you are confused as to our pick up days please go to: our garbage calendar page where you will find the City Schedule listed.

Civic Committee Announcement

The Civic Committee will meet at the pool Tuesday, March 29th at 6:30.  If the weather is chilly, we will meet in the small community room.  The agenda will include:

  1. Upcoming Events Planning and Updates:
    • Forest West Dog Parade
    • June Flag Day
    • July 4th
  2. Fundraising Opportunities to continue to raise funds for pool and park renovations ideas from neighbors:
    • BBQ Fundraiser (Fall)
    • Merchandise Donations
    • Other Ideas
  3. Updating Forest West web page to reflect correct meeting times
  4. Pool and Park Renovation plan to present to the FWICA.

The Civic Committee wishes to thank all of our competitors and judges who attended our first Pi Day Pie Contest. Sarah Kirk won the contest with her delicious Key Lime Pie.

Playground Closing Announcement

The board decided at last evenings board meeting, to temporarily close the playground at the pool until further notice. This is due to the need for formal code inspections of the playground equipment.

Children are our first concern, and the board wants to verify that they are safe.


David Ojeman

January 2016

Neighbors Celebrate the Holiday Season

Kendra Yarbrough-Camarena, Civic Committee President

EmailImage-5The Civic Committee would like to thank all of those involved in coordinating, setting up, cooking, and tearing down this year’s Annual Cajun Christmas Party. Neighbors, new and old, enjoyed a delicious gumbo feast prepared by Tom Demary, and they also enjoyed appetizers/desserts prepared by the great residents of Forest West. Each child was presented a book and candy bag. We look forward to planning more great events for the spring and summer. The next civic committee meeting will be held January 26th, 7:00pm, at the Forest West Community Center.


Spring Gardening Tips

Phyllis Herrington, FW Garden Club member

Now is a good time to get to work on our vegetable gardens. The ideal vegetable garden area needs full to nearly full sunlight and has well-drained, fertile soil. The garden should have a water faucet close but not be near shrubs or trees that compete for water and nutrients. If your soil is heavy clay like most in Houston are, adding organic matter, sand or gypsum will help it. To improve clay soil, add about 1 to 2 inches of good sand and 2 to 3 inches of compost. Be sure to mix and thoroughly blend the elements and soil together. If your soil is heavy clay, also add gypsum at the rate of 6 to 8 pounds per 100 square feet.

Now that your soil is ready, you need to decide what vegetables to grow. It is important to select the right variety of each vegetable. If you plant the wrong variety for our area you may not get much of a crop, no matter how much care you give the plants. Varieties of vegetables that have been reported to grow well in Houston are Bonanza and Gypsy broccoli, Snow Crown, Majestic and violet Queen cauliflower, Merit and Silver Queen corn, Purple Rain eggplant, 1015 bulbtype onions, Big Bertha or Blushing Beauty peppers, Better Boy, Beefmaster and Early Girl Tomatoes and Cherry Belle or Champion radishes-all of which will work in a smaller garden. Head lettuces don’t do as well here so select a good leaf lettuce such as Butter Crunch Bibb or Little Caesar Romaine if you want lettuce in your garden.

It’s also a good idea to use a fertilizer such as 10-20-10 or 12-24-12 applied at 1 to 2 pounds per 100 square feet for your garden and try to keep your garden free of weeds, insects and disease. Thin the young plants to deter excessive competition for nutrients. Water deeply as needed. Keep an eye on your garden to try to stay ahead of any problems and enjoy your vegetables!

Holiday Decoration Winners

The winners of the Annual Forest West Garden Club Christmas Display contest were Ruby Schell on Autumn Forest, Pam and David Ojeman, on Greenmont, and Renè and Monica Felix on Golden Forest. Photos could not fully capture the beauty of these displays. Many more residents captured the spirit of friendly competition this year, and we look forward to the upcoming year of competition. – A few residents have already begun planning their displays for 2016! The Garden Club felt that a special award should be given this year to the “best block.” This new award goes out to our neighbors on the 5900 and 6000 block of Spruce Forest!

Best Traditional

Best Traditional

Best Religious

Best Religious

Most Original

Most Original


Forest West Garden Club members gather for their annual holiday party.

Photo taken by Ivee Sauls

Photo taken by Ivee Sauls

Now is the time to plant fruit trees. Urban Harvest will host its 16th Annual Fruit Tree Sale on Saturday, January 16th. Over one hundred varieties and thousands of fruit trees, which are acclimated to Houston’s climate and soil, will be offered. The sale will take place at Rice University’s Greenbriar Lot, 5600 Greenbriar Drive, Houston TX 77005. Garden Club advises that you arrive early to get the best selection – the sale is from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm (or until everything sells out).

The next Garden Club meetings are as follows:

  • Pruning, Deadheading, and Seeds – Tuesday, February 9th at 7pm.
  • Wine Goblet Art – Tuesday, March 8th at 7pm.
  • Thrillers, Fillers, and Spillers – Tuesday, April 12th at 7pm.


FWCIA Annual Board Meeting & Elections will be held at Advent Lutheran Church, Feb. 2, 7pm

David Ojeman, FWCIA Board President

A new year has begun, and we hope that everyone had a joyous holiday season. Our annual open FWCIA Board meeting and election of board members and officers will be Tuesday, February 2nd 7:00pm, at Advent Lutheran Church, which is located at 5820 Pinemont Drive. Please plan on attending. If a representative from your household cannot attend the meeting to place your vote, please fill and return the proxy before the specified deadline. Proxies will be coming in the mail from Beacon Residential Management. As always, it is important that we have a quorum at the annual meeting.

The yearly assessments are now due. Please pay before Feb 1st to avoid late fees. If you cannot make payment in full, please contact Brent Miller at 713-466-1204 to arrange a payment plan.

Heavy Trash (yard waste only) January 28th & March 24th
Heavy Trash (waste and yard) February 25th & April 28th

See the full Pickup Schedule

Annual Forest West Christmas Decoration Contest Info

The Annual Forest West Christmas Lawn Decoration Contest will be judged on Monday, December 14, 2015, at 7:00 p.m. The judging categories are “Best Traditional,” “Best Original” and “Best Religious” motifs. We look forward to seeing Forest West ablaze in Christmas lights and creative ideas. Be sure to turn your display lights on from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Annual Cajun Christmas Party Announcement

The annual Cajun Christmas Party at the Pool will be held Monday, Dec. 21, 2015 at 6:30pm. We call all of our neighbors to join us for some holiday cheer, music, & great food. FWCIA Board member Tom Demary will be our gumbo chef for the evening.

We are asking that all our neighbors bring some of their delicious side items to add to the gumbo and rice. If you plan to bring an appetizer, side dish, or dessert, please complete the Google form at

December Garbage Pickup Dates

Regular Trash & Bagged Lawn Trash Pickup: Thursday, December 10, 17, 24, 31

Recycling Pickup: Thursday, December 17, 31

Heavy Trash Pickup: Thursday, December 24

All dates subject to holidays scheduling. Please check the City of Houston service schedule for more information.

December 2015

President’s Letter

David Ojeman, FWCIA Board President

It is hard to believe that 2015 has almost come and gone, as it has been a very busy year. The FWCIA wishes everyone a happy and safe Holiday Season. Within the next week or so, the community center will be getting a new roof. The roof sustained hail damage back in April and we filed an insurance claim. The structure needs to be re-decked as well, and our roofer helped us with insurance to cover the cost of the re-deck — but with a $5000 dollar deductible, we were still a little short. Generous donations from FWCIA Board members filled the gap, and the roof will be paid for without dipping into maintenance funds from next year, so a big thank you goes out to our generous board members.

Our annual invoice and statement for 2016 has been mailed and most of you have already received your invoice. We have been struggling the last two or three years financially, due to increases in our utilities, insurance, lawn maintenance, etc., and the Community Service fee has not been raised since the year after its inception. Here is a rundown of operating expenses from 10/1/2014 through 9/30/2015:


We were able to keep the mowing in budget for this year, but as you see there will be an increase for next year. After reviewing these numbers and dividing the projected operating expense of $95,026 by 626 (number of lots), the amount per lot came to $151.80. The FWCIA approved this amount and the community service fee for 2015 will be $151.80, which is a $31.97 increase per lot. The board does not take this increase lightly and has done a lot over the last few years to prevent raising the fee before now. As always, the statements will be going out sometime in December. If you cannot make the payment, please contact Brent Miller at 713-466-1204 to arrange a payment plan.

Leaders in Forest West Continue to Make our Neighborhood a Priority for the City of Houston

Elizabeth Tuma, Newsletter Editor and Civic Committee Member

On Nov. 16, 2015, FWCIA President David Ojeman, FWCIA Vice President Kirk Waldron, and FWCIA Civic Committee President Kendra Yarbrough-Camarena met with City Council Member Ellen Cohen, HPD Captain Wendy Bainbridge, and Near Northwest Management District President Wayne Norden; the purpose of this meeting was to facilitate an action plan to address security concerns in our area. The meeting was very insightful, and we were very glad to speak openly with CM Cohen and Captain Bainbridge about the crime surrounding Forest West. Here are some key points that need to be shared with the neighborhood, and we hope to continue receiving positive momentum and involvement from our residents so that our concerns will be addressed:

Many residents are aware of the frequent gunshots and long crime history that comes from the apartment complexes behind Forest West. We learned that HPD officers have ceased turning in violation reports on the management from these apartments out of frustration, because reports have stalled at the City Attorney’s office. The newly elected Houston Mayor will choose a new City Attorney in January 2016. When the new City Attorney is appointed, it will be our charge as concerned citizens to demand action on the property owners’ violations at these apartments. Our well-recorded history of incidents is important, so please continue to report gunshots to HPD’s non-emergency line, email David Ojeman at, Nan Whomes at, and Officer Mike Miller at, so that we have multiple sources of proof of incidents. Additionally, to follow through on our good neighbor initiative, leaders from Forest West will also accompany Wayne Norden on future visits to our neighboring apartment complexes.

Garden Club News & Tips

Phyllis Herrington, FW Garden Club Member

The Annual Forest West Christmas Lawn Decoration Contest will be judged on Monday, December 14, 2015, at 7:00 p.m. The judging categories are “Best Traditional”, “Best Original” and “Best Religious” motifs. We look forward to seeing Forest West ablaze in Christmas lights and creative ideas. Be sure to turn your display lights on from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Have you noticed circular or irregular patches of blighted turf in your lawn? If you have, you probably have brown patch. You may see yellow leaves at the edges of the patches, which can range from inches to several feet in width. Grass blades within the patches gradually dry out and turn brown as the circle grows. Brown patch is particularly troublesome when there is abundant moisture, night temperatures drop below 68 degrees and daytime temperatures are in the 75- to 85-degree range. If you have these conditions, purchase a fungicide to be applied according to product directions or treat with neem oil or compost tea if you prefer an organic medium.

October Yard of the Month Ruby Schell, 6119 Autumn Forest

October Yard of the Month
Ruby Schell, 6119 Autumn Forest

November Yard of the Month Gayle Evans, 6318 Leaf Arbor

November Yard of the Month
Gayle Evans, 6318 Leaf Arbor

Thank You for Visiting the 2015 Forest West Merchant Fair

Jaclyn Bell, FWCIA Civic Committee Secretary, Lead Coordinator for 2015 Merchant Fair

A big thank you goes out to all of the people involved in making our 2015 Forest West Merchant Fair, which was held on Saturday, October 17th, a success. We had individuals from our neighborhood plan and volunteer at the event. There are too many to name. However, we can say that we had individual residents, as well as members of the FWCIA board, Civic Committee, and Architectural Control Committee. In addition, there were vendors, donors, & attendees. Last, but not least, we must thank Advent Lutheran Church for being our gracious event location host, as they have been for other meeting needs. As a result of this event, our neighborhood has a special Community Improvement savings fund of approximately $1,400.00. This money is set to be used for purposes of improving the community. Exact use of these funds will be determined by community input.

Annual Holiday Gathering & Cajun Dinner, at the Forest West Community Center, Dec. 21, 6:30pm

Kendra Yarbrough-Camarena, Civic Committee President

The annual Cajun Christmas Party at the Pool will be held Monday, Dec. 21, 2015 at 6:30pm. We call all of our neighbors to join us for some holiday cheer, music, & great food. FWCIA Board member Tom Demary will be our gumbo chef for the evening. We are asking that all our neighbors bring some of their delicious side items to add to the gumbo and rice. If you plan to bring an appetizer, side dish, or dessert, please complete the Google form at

In preparation for the event, neighbors will gather Dec. 5th, 2015 to decorate and prepare for the festivities. If you are interested in joining, please come by the pool at 2:00. We welcome all willing to assist.

September 2015

President’s Message

A Message from David Ojeman

Another successful swim season has come to a close here in Forest West. A total of 121 pool applications were approved, and 351 pool membership cards were issued. Our members used the pool a total of 2454 times during the season. As always, Anna Kinton had another successful water aerobics class with 16 ladies signing up this year. We also had a total of 6 private function parties. We would like to thank all who used the pool facility this year.

This year National Night Out is Tuesday October 6th. Please make plans to visit with the neighbors on your block or come to our annual event at the pool. It is a good time to meet new residents, to catch up with longtime residents, and also to visit with and show support to law enforcement — which is more important than ever this year.

The annual statements will be arriving in the mail from Beacon Residential Management sometime around the first of December. If you are delinquent in your fees, please contact Brent Miller with Beacon Residential Management to arrange payments. Brent’s contact information is listed in this newsletter (see below). Due to increases in utilities costs, insurance premiums, lawn maintenance, pool chemicals etc., there will be an increase in the community service fee for this upcoming year. The amount of the increase is to be determined once costs have been totaled for the year.

David Ojeman, President, FWCIA

Supporting Our Growing Neighborhood

A Message from the Architectural Control Committee

Dear Neighbors,

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of Forest West and it has already been a big one. In April, residents, in concert with members from numerous surrounding neighborhoods, helped to prevent the sale of the defunct METRO Park and Ride on Pinemont for use as low income housing. We have already had successful events throughout 2015 and we have more on the way.

To continue this positive momentum and promote civic pride, the Civic and Architectural Control Committees are offering Forest West t-shirts and yard signs for the first time ever to help you show your support for your neighborhood. Items are currently available for preorder online at the following link:

Orders will be available for pickup at upcoming neighborhood events including Neighbors Night Out on October 6 and the Merchant Fair on October 17. If you are unable to attend any of the events, we will be happy to drop merchandise off at your home.

Shirts and signs will be available for purchase at events as well, but there will be a limited supply, so preorder today to guarantee you don’t miss out. All merchandise is being offered in exchange for your donation. All proceeds will go directly to community improvements. This is your chance to not only show your pride in Forest West, but to help your neighborhood continue to thrive.

Thank you for your support!

Ben Tuma, Board Member, FWCIA

Garden Club News & Tips

This year, the Garden Club will host some delightfully informative seminars. The next two meetings are:

• Tues., October 13, 2015, 7:00 p.m., “All about Herbs”, at 5903 Birchmont.
• Tues., Nov. 10, 2015, 7:00 p.m., “Healing Plants”, at 1622 Latexo

It’s time to plant cool-season vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, mustard, lettuce, and kohlrabi. Remember to water your lawn and garden well but less often, in order to encourage deep roots. To discourage fungal diseases, avoid watering in the evenings. Put mulch in your garden and shrub beds. Mulching keeps plant roots cooler, helps control weeds, and conserves water. Put mulch about 3” deep in your garden and around trees and shrubs. Apply compost around annuals, herbs, and vegetables.

The Merchant Fair Returns to Forest West This Fall

We are now just one month away from The 2015 Forest West Merchant Fair, to be held on Saturday October 17 from 9am to 3pm at Advent Lutheran Church on Pinemont Drive. Our FWCIA board & committee members have been working diligently to bring you a delightful experience that will also raise funds to improve our community. You can help us make the most of the event by visiting as an attendee, if only for a short while. Admission to the event is FREE TO THE PUBLIC. Our vendors, volunteers, FWCIA board, & committee members will greatly appreciate your interest & support. Additionally, we are still accepting volunteers & vendors. Interested parties may contact event chair, Jaci Bell, at (832) 877-1139 or by e-mail at We hope to see you soon!!!

Join Us for America’s Night Out Against Crime

October 6, 6 p.m. – Forest West Pool

National Night Out is an opportunity for residents to meet their neighbors and to develop a safer environment for their families. Please come out on October 6th! At this event, residents will be able to:

  • Meet your neighbors, as well as active board and civic members
  • Meet our HPD patrol officers and address any questions or concerns
  • Join our communication programs, including our email program
  • Pick up important documents

Residents who wish to donate fixings or side dishes for hot dogs should contact Josephine Choy at

Heavy trash pickup (yard waste only) is on September 24th

Heavy trash pickup (waste + yard) is on October 22nd

May 2015

President’s Letter

A Message from David Ojeman

The summer swim season is once again upon us. The pool will be open Memorial Day weekend starting Saturday the 23rd of May through Monday the 25th. Pool hours for Memorial Day weekend only will be 12PM – 8PM. The pool will be closed Tuesday the 26th through Friday the 29th and will reopen Saturday the 30th for the season. Unless otherwise announced, pool hours will be 2-8 PM Tuesday through Sunday for the entirety of the summer. Pool applications are available here. As a reminder, you must be current with your dues in order to utilize the pool. If you are delinquent with your dues, please contact Brent Miller at 713-466-1204 to arrange payment or to be placed on a payment plan.

Neighborhoods Connect over proposed sale of Pinemont Park & Ride

Residents of several neighborhoods in our area worked together to protest the sale of the Pinemont Park & Ride to the Houston Housing Authority (HHA). The HHA had planned to build a high volume affordable housing unit on the property, and many residents felt that it was not the best use of the space due to the overwhelming amount of high volume housing in our area. These neighbors worked together to show METRO and the HHA that our neighborhoods should have a say in the development of our areas. Thank you to everyone involved. Please continue to support our efforts to revitalize our area by staying involved in the community! The following is a note from Alicia Nuzzie, President of Central NW Super Neighborhood Council:

“Houston Super Neighborhoods are geographically designated areas, defined by the City of Houston (but not controlled by the City of Houston), where residents, civic organizations, institutions and businesses work together to identify, plan, respond, and set priorities that address the needs and concerns of the community. Our purpose is to tackle bigger issues that may impact our area and to keep neighborhoods informed of what is happening, not only within each individual neighborhood, but with issues that may impact our area on a city, state or national level. We’re a one-stop advocacy watch/action umbrella group right in your own backyard!

The Central Northwest Super Neighborhood Council (SN 12) meets the fourth Wednesday of every other month at the Candlelight Community Center, 1520 Candlelight Ln, Houston, TX 77018 at 6:30. Our next meeting is Wednesday, May 27 at 6:30. Mary Lawler, Executive Director for Ave CDC, (a Houston non-profit which specializes in quality affordable housing), will talk a little about what affordable housing is, the different programs offered, and what makes some properties work and what doesn’t. Ave CDC is one of the groups that helped restore the old Jefferson Davis Hospital downtown to provide affordable rentals for artists. Wayne Norden, President/CEO of the Near Northwest Management District, will then talk about all of his work in dealing with rundown apartment complexes in our area.

There truly is strength in numbers, so I would encourage all of you to consider attending our meetings in the future so we can continue to support each other with issues that impact our neighborhoods and area. Hope to see you at the next meeting!” — Alicia Nuzzie

Civic Committee News

Forest West hosts its first Chili Cook-Off

Although the weather was a bit dreary, two of our four cook-off competitors set up and wowed residents with their chili recipes. Winner, David Ojeman, and Runner-Up, Jason Kokes, both sliced and ground fresh ingredients into exquisitely built kettles — cast iron and ceramic. Our home chefs, Ivee Sauls, Pam Steward & Olga Charles (team), also used fresh ingredients, and they shared their favorite cooking rituals with me when I visited their homes during the cook-off.

I think many agree that these chili recipes were all astounding, and that next year’s competition will be even better! Congratulations to our winners, and to our competitors for sharing your excellent chili with us!

Garden Club News

The Forest West Garden Club awarded the Forest West Yard of the Month for April to the Steward Family, 5931 Autumn Forest. The Stewards had a multiplicity of blooms and a positively breathtaking bed of purple iris.

The Reyes Family, who reside at 6003 Rena, won the Forest West Yard of the Month for May; they had outstanding red Knockout roses along the front and side of their home.

The Forest West Garden Club will be taking its annual sabbatical at the end of this month after our annual year-end dinner. So have a great summer and Happy Gardening!


Gardening Tips

It’s time to plant warm season flowers, caladiums and vegetables. Deadhead flowering plants to extend their blooming periods. Remove thatch from your lawn. Water and mow St. Augustine more often to make it fill in more quickly. Apply mulch to flower and shrub beds. Don’t forget to turn your compost pile and add new vegetable matter and manure to your compost piles.

What do you love most about our neighborhood?

Forest West Neighbors,

Believe it or not, this year is the 50th anniversary since the Forest West Community Improvement Association (FWCIA) was formed. In an effort to promote and market our wonderful neighborhood to new buyers, we are asking you to share your pictures and/or testimonies showing why you love Forest West as a neighborhood. This is a great chance for new and existing community members to learn about the neighborhood. We’d love to hear from you.

Please send your pictures or testimonials to

Note: By submitting an image/testimonial, you grant Forest West Community Improvement Association (“FWCIA”) the right to use each image/testimonial for display on their website and for marketing purposes including, but not limited to, display on a website, marketing materials, flyers, brochures and other forms of communication media. You also grant to FWCIA the following rights:
1.) The right to make such alterations and markups for the purpose of display as it sees fit;
2.) The right to edit, modify, quote, or reformat your image/testimonial; and
3.) You also grant us a perpetual non-exclusive worldwide royalty-free license to use, reproduce, adapt, publicly perform and publicly display your image/testimonial. FWCIA does not retain any legal copyright over the images and may not sell or distribute the images in any way except in connection with materials specifically designed to market the Forest West Community.

Forest West is a deed-restricted community; restrictions are enforced. Deed Restrictions are available here or by written request to: FWCIA, PO Box 920955, Houston, TX 77092-0955

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