About Forest West

Thank you for choosing Forest West as your new home. We are delighted to have you as a new neighbor. We want you to know Forest West is a subdivision of involved residents working together to make the very best community possible for ourselves and our families. We also want to protect our significant investments. Our neighborhood organizations, in addition to being a way to get to know your neighbors, are open to anyone who wishes to get involved. We hope you will.

National Neighbors Night Out, the first Tuesday of October, is generally hosted by the FWCIA Board of Directors and the Civic Committee at the Forest West Community Center. This is another great way to meet your neighbors as well as to meet HPD officers for our area.

FWCIA now utilizes off duty HPD officers to patrol Forest West as a crime prevention measure.

Forest West has an email program that residents can register to participate in. The purpose of the program is to send neighborhood news, events crime and safety, lost and found pets. We do our best to deliver the information accurately. We do not allow any type of advertising from residents through the program and we strive to insure that the email addresses are secure. To sign up please click the button “Email Signup” on this page.


Again, we are looking forward to having you as our neighbor.